“Today marks the 115th Founding Anniversary of our beloved school. This is our first-ever virtual celebration and for sure, this will forever be etched in the history of INNHS. Indeed, nothing, not even a global pandemic, could restrict the festive spirit of INNHS Family from celebrating the many successes and blessing that we have been reaping through the years. For 115th years, INNHS has withstood the test of time It has gone through drastic changes for academic advancement, complexities in the education sector and uncertainties in the social context. Behind its survival is a symbolic weapon that protects and keeps INNHS rising above these challenges; thus, this year’s theme, Saripda, an iloco term which means “shield”, a word that befits the demand of the current crisis. We may not have been seeing it, but INNHS has been protected by a symbolic shield since its birth in 1906. This was the shield that served as its armor against the attacks of academic challenges. This is the same shield that keeps it protected from the current threat of COVID-19. INNHS’ saripda has the strength that is second to none because it is made of from the indestructible love of the educators-teachers and non-teaching alike, parents, alumni, stakeholders and the community. INNHS saripda is the trust and confidence of you, parents, who have entrusted to us the future of your beloved children. Your role as teachers-in-charge at home is very necessary as we sustain meaningful and engaging learning environment for your children. INNHS saripda is the relentless support of you, our dear Alumni. Your love and concern are evident in every corner of the school. You will always be the icon of your Alma Mater’s academic excellence and the inspiration of your younger brothers and sisters to become productive citizens – successful leaders, educators and professionals INNHS saripda is the active involvement of the stakeholders and the community especially the barangay officials and staff. No words could exactly quantify the magnitude of your active involvement in the continuity of education in light of the pandemic. No words of gratitude could equate such noble contribution. Indeed, INNHS has been born with its own saripda, the shield that was forged from our allegiance bound to carry out INNHS’ mission of providing quality education in any circumstances. With INNHS saripda, I am very confident that we can surmount and rise above the tides of academic and global challenges and continue to excel as the premier secondary school in the North. This is more than a thousand reasons to celebrate today. With my heart full of hopes and aspirations for a safer and better tomorrow, I welcome you to this first-ever virtual celebration of our 115th Founding Anniversary! Thank you and let us all stay safe and keep our faith in God.”



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